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A Year in Home Security; Breaking Down Home Security Stats.

Updated: Jan 10

According to the US Department of Justice, every year, approximately 11.5 out of every 10,000 people fall victim to property crime with a burglary taking place every 13 seconds. Burglaries tend to happen during warmer months of the year when people and families tend to be at home less often.

Here lies the problem. How can you take care of your home when you aren't there? Besides having your neighbors keep an eye on your property while you are away, which is only useful if they are always home, the only solution is installing a home security system with video surveillance, motion sensors, and or glass breakage sensors. 83% of burglars say they look to see if a home has an alarm system before they decide to enter and burglarize the property. You may be asking yourself how we came across that statistic, and the answer is easy. A survey of all 30 Beagle Boy currently incarcerated at


the Duckburg Correctional Facility, found that all but three of the Boys surveyed admitted to being deterred from burglarizing a home if they learned a home security system was currently installed. Seriously though, we collected this information and other statistics from the home security website Upon visiting that website, we also discovered that 95% of home invasions require a forceful entry. This means that locked doors and windows are not enough to deter people from entering your home. Even more alarming, is statistics have shown that 7.2% of home invasions turn violent. Stealing valuables, mementos, and expensive electronics, although evasive, is not near as dangerous or damaging as a home invasion that turns violent, so keep that in mind as you shop for your home security solution.

There is some good news. Burglary trends have been steadily declining by approximately 1% each year. (For more statistics about crime and burglary trends specific to Colorado you can visit the FBI's website HERE). Many factors could be contributing to this decline. Still, it is safe to say that the emergence of easy and affordable home security solutions like what Colorado Springs based home security company, Safe Alarm Secure, offer is an effective means of protecting your home. In addition to providing a wide range of security cameras and motion sensors, Safe Alarm Secure can pair your home security system with a home automation package to include a smart thermostat, wifi integrated lightbulbs, and power outlets, as well as automatic door locks.

If you are a home owner living in Colorado Springs or Southern Colorado and looking for home security and automation for yourself, then visit their homepage and see how you can get a home security system installed for FREE with a qualifying monthly monitoring package that features the ADT Command Module like the one pictured below.

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