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Mother Sees Son's Spirit in Security Camera Footage! - Safe Alarm Secure

Updated: Jan 12

Here is a story coming out of Atlanta. Last January a woman was stunned when she saw the image of her late son in the footage of one of her home security cameras. The story goes that Jennifer Hodge was watching TV in the living room with her daughter when she received a notification about movement in the kitchen.

Fearing the worst, Jennifer inspected the footage and to her surprise and astonishment, she saw a ghostly figure enter the frame that bore an uncanny resemblance to her late son who had passed away a couple of years prior. Looking for answers, the mother and daughter duo ran into the kitchen to investigate what they had seen in the security camera further. Arriving at the scene, they were both even more confused and mystified when they discovered nothing was there.

Hodge is certain the figure she and her daughter saw in that footage was the spirit of her departed son coming back to say one last goodbye to his loved ones. Whether she saw her son or not is debatable, but I can tell you one thing, I experienced a similar situation in my garage last week.

As I was lying in my bed late last Saturday evening I received a similar notification from my home security system. Being broken into before, I always check these notifications with a certain pause as a lump starts to swell in my throat. Many things started going through my head but mostly I thought to myself... “Who in the f%^$ is in my garage?” My nervousness turned to goosebumps when I saw two orbs of light running vertically near some boxes stacked on the far wall of my garage. I ran down to the garage and nothing was there. When I came back to bed and described the scene to my wife she says, “You need to stop staying up so late.” I chuckled and attempted to go back to sleep, but all I could think of were those books I read when I was a kid, Scary Stories You Tell In The Dark.” I am a sucker for a good ghost story. What about you? Do you believe in ghost stories? Whether you do or you don’t, comment below and feel free to leave your own ghost story for the rest of us.



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